Mineral Processing Engineering Department offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in “Mineral Processing Engineering” following a four year (eight academic semesters) undergraduate education program. Each academic semester has 14 weeks of classes, excluding final examinations.

Undergraduate students are informed about the course assignments including number of projects, seminars, terms papers, labs, home works, field studies, exams and the percentages of them at the beginning of each semester.

The students, except for the first semester students (freshman) and students under close monitoring, must register a minimum of 15 credits and maximum of 25 credits in a semester.  He/she can drop a course and register to another one, with the approval of his/her supervisor, in the first 15 days of every semester; in addition, he/she has the right to withdraw from a course in the first month of the semester.

The success of the students in the courses is an indicator of their improvement. The scores of the course activities such as homework, quizzes, mid-term exams, team works, presentations, etc, combined with the final exam scores are considered to be the indicators of their success.

The grading and success relation is presented in Table A.3. A student, if he/she wants, can retake
a course to raise his/her average grade. The last grading is valid for these courses.

     Table A.3. Relative Grading and Success Relation

Relative Grade
Success Level 
 AA (4.0/4.0), BA (3.5/4.0), BB (3.0/4.0), CB (2.5/4.0) and CC (2.0/4.0)   Pass
 DC (1.5/4.0) and DD (1.0/4.0)
 Conditional Pass
 FF (0.0/4.0)   Fail
 VF (0.0/4.0),unsuccessful to enter Final Exam   Fail

AA     4.0  excellent
BA     3.5  very good
BB     3.0  good
CB     2.5  average
CC     2.0  satisfactory
DC     1.5  poor
DD     1.0  minimum acceptable
FF      2.0  failure
VF      0.0  not permitted to take courses with prerequisites

The grade point average (GPA) is a weighted average determined multiplying the grade received in each course by the number of its credit hours and then dividing the sum by the total number of course credit hours earned.